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For more than a decade, the people of BMZ Church have partnered with Interhope to bring profound and lasting change to the lives of abandoned children on the mission field.

Interhope is a group of believers determined to know Christ and to make Him known among the least and the lost of many nations.This is accomplished primarily through the rescue of abandoned and orphaned children and the development of loving, Christ-centered homes for them. In Cambodia and India BMZ sponsored a clean water project, massive feeding programs and the provision of medicine, books, and clothing for the poorest of the poor, all in the strong name of the Lord. The people of BMZ funded the rescue of abandoned or trafficked children from brothels, sweat shops, and garbage dumps. Many of these children now reside in Interhope orphanages where they grow, learn and prosper to, one day, impact their own cultures for Christ. To learn more about Interhope please visit and

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