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WNSS - Boscobel
This is not your typical “get your kids up on Sunday morning and tell them they are going to “Sunday School” and try to make that interesting.  At BMZ we have WEDNEDSAY NIGHT SUNDAY SCHOOL (WNSS) throughout the school year from 6:30pm-7:30pm @ the Boscobel Campus.

Besides having Sunday school on a Wednesday night; what else is different about BMZ Sunday school?

We use the Rotation Model: We teach major Bible stories and Memory Bible Verses through kid-friendly stations: Crafts, Drama, Games, Kitchen, Storytelling, Computers, and/or Mini Missions. We teach the same Bible story/Memory Bible Verse in each station for four weeks rotating the kids to a different station each week. And here comes the extremely teacher friendly part : we keep the same teacher in each station for all four weeks teaching the same lesson week after week (with some age appropriate adjustments)to each new class coming in.

To help make WNSS more relational, we use a Shepherd.  A shepherd is an adult that is assigned to a certain grade. He or she rotates each week with their grade, getting to know each child and forming a friendship with them. Besides our classroom time, we use Large Group time for the kids to have their lesson reinforced though an activity and song. 3rd through 6th grade meet together in the Fellowship Hall for their time with Miss Nikki from 6:30-7:00pm and the pre-school through 2nd graders meet in large group from 7:00-7:30pm. While in Large Group we sing fun upbeat music, use a short movie clip, a skit or object lesson that relates to that month’s Bible Story and Memory Bible Verse. We discuss ways to take what we’ve learned and apply it to our lives. The WNSS kids are challenged to be the Hands and Feet of JESUS, at WNSS, at home, at school and at play. Mini Missions:  Our 3rd –  6th grade students  go on Mini Mission trips to a local Nursing Home and assisted living complexes. The kids perform songs, skits or play games with the residents. Our hope is to teach the kids to reach out in love to others through these mini-missions. For more information, contact Nikki Wetter at the church office.
2016-2017 Parent Handbook2016 - 2017 WNSS Registration FormMini Missions Permission Slip
You can print these forms and drop it off or mail to the church office (107 W. Oak St, Boscobel), or SAVE to your computer FIRST, fill out and SAVE again, then attach as an email to wnss.nikki@bmzchurch.org