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Staff & Leaders

Our staff and leaders consist of a dedicated team of individuals energized with a focus, vision and direction for God’s leading.  These individuals grasp the vision of BMZ Church, and are crucial in moving God’s kingdom forward in Boscobel, Mount Zion, Beetown, Bloomington, Patch Grove, Gays Mills, North Clayton, Soldiers Grove and beyond.  Feel free to get in touch.  We’d be glad to hear from you!


Stan Pegram, Pastor

About Pastor Stan

I am blessed to be called here by God back in 1999 and to see God move on our quest for the past 11 years.  I am blessed to work with the best paid and unpaid servants in the world!


BIRTHDAY:  July 19, 1966

FAMILY:  Wife – Sarah; Daughters – Nicole, Sally, Molly, Lily

MY MINISTRY CALLING:  When I was in high school – it was a process

MY RELATIONSHIP WITH CHRIST:  We are constantly getting closer.  Trials in life bring us closer to those we trust (Jesus).

INTERESTING OR UNUSUAL FACT ABOUT MYSELF:  I’m color-blind, so I don’t pick out my own clothes….


FAVORITE TYPE OF FOOD:  Anything with meat…preferably grilled!


FAVORITE SCRIPTURE:  Ephesians 4:27, Matthew 28:19-20


THESE DAYS I AM MOST LIKELY TO BE:  A nerd for Christ….Whatever it takes!


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MaryAnn Floerke, Pastor

Site Leader:  Beetown, Bloomington, Patch Grove Campuses

Wayne G

Wayne Goplin

Site Leader:  Gays Mills, North Clayton, Soldiers Grove Campuses


Michelle Christianson, Office Coordinator


Dawn Kvigne, Merge Ministry

About Dawn

It’s amazing what God will do in our lives. I’m excited to be a part of BMZ Church and to watch Him work in so many lives here! Whether you’ve been at BMZ only once or your whole life, Merge Ministry is here to do whatever it takes to make you feel welcome, answer your questions, and get you involved  as you continue in your faith journey.


BIRTHDAY:  March 30

FAMILY:  Husband, John; daughters, Brenna and Reanna; and Hugo our tiny pomchi dog…all are a bit crazy.

MY MINISTRY CALLING: I struggled with trying to find which ministry I was called to serve in for a long time, so I got very excited when the “assimilation ministry” job was posted. I had no clue what assimilation was, but I knew I had to be a part of helping people grow in their faith and serve with the gifts and skills God has given them. What I Enjoy about Serving at BMZ: The people! So many different kinds of people. All ages, backgrounds, status, in different parts of their journey with Jesus, but all awesome. I consider them my extended family.

MY RELATIONSHIP WITH CHRIST:  I grew up in the Catholic Church, always knowing somehow that I could get to know Jesus better and looking for a way to do that. As a teen, I finally accepted the invitation He was offering and began to grow in my confidence of Him as I attended a Pentecostal church. I never would have guessed God would lead me here, but His plans are always better–and I think He likes to show His sense of humor with them!

INTERESTING OR UNUSUAL FACT ABOUT MYSELF:  My secret dream is to write a great fiction novel. Story ideas, anyone?

FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME:   I could never pick just one, but Second Hand Lions and The Princess Bride come to mind.

FAVORITE TYPE OF FOOD:  Anything I don’t have to cook! And ICE CREAM. Guess I don’t have to cook that either.

FAVORITE THING TO DO ON A SATURDAY:Don’t know, usually too busy trying to catch up from the rest of the week. Hang out with the family and read if I have time.

FAVORITE SCRIPTURE: I can never decide that either. Depends on what God’s currently showing me in my life.

IN HIGH SCHOOL I WAS MOSTLY LIKELY TO BE:  In the photo lab darkroom or art.

THESE DAYS I AM MOST LIKELY TO BE:   Trying to figure out which one of a dozen pressing things to work on first.


Nikki Wetter, Children’s Ministry Coordinator

About Nikki

Just between you and me, I have the best job at BMZ, I am the Children’s Ministry Coordinator for the Boscobel Campus.    I get to do lots of crazy things, sing fun songs, and share God love with His children.  How can it get any better than that?!   I also work eighteen hours a week as an Early Childhood paraprofessional at Boscobel Area Schools.    I am so blessed to able to work with children in both of my jobs!

On BMZ staff since:  2004-2005 (unpaid staff)      2006 to present (paid staff)

Birthday:  I was physically born to my parents on November 10, 1972.  I was spiritually re-born on November 10, 2002.  Easy to remember!

Family:  I was married December of 1991 to Jim Wetter.  We met when I was in 8th grade and he was a senior.  When Jim left for the US Army I gave him my address and said, “If you ever get bored- write!”  As you may have guessed he wrote!  J    Jim and I have been blessed with three children, Alisha, Ashlin, and Kyle.

My ministry calling: I have always  enjoyed being with kids, however growing up I wanted to be an astronaut, by the time I hit high school I realized that probably wasn’t going to happen.  Then I heard Christa McAuliffe say, “I touch the future. I teach.”    I was then inspired to follow my love for kids and be a teacher.   However, God had other plans.   Once Jim and I were married, I decided instead of continuing in college,   I wanted to start our family. The desire to teach kids stayed with me, (just ask my three kids, we played school most of the summer!)  So when I was asked to be a helper at Sunday School, I said, sure, even though I felt I didn’t know enough about the Bible.  I quickly realized I was learning right along with the kids!  The more I heard and read about Jesus the more I felt the need to have Him in my life, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior in 2002.  Once my eyes were opened, all I wanted to do was share The Good News with others!  I couldn’t keep the awesomeness of God’s love to myself!   The love I had for kids and my new found love for God quickly directed my path to Children’s Ministry!

What I enjoy about serving at BMZ:  There’s nothing like it in the entire world when God’ Amazing love is being shared with children.  Through our Wednesday Night Sunday School, BMZ Kidz, and Vacation Bible School programs children are learning of God’s love for them and the Salvation Jesus offers us each.   Hearing children sing praises to God and reciting Scripture is almost beyond words! I enjoy and cherish the friendship and love that develops with the WNSS Team, who give of their time, talents and love; we’re more than a team of people working with children, we’re a family building the Kingdom of God.

My relationship with Christ: Has come a long way from being 13 years old and thinking, I’m baptized, confirmed, I believe in God and I know John 3:16 by heart so I must be  going to Heaven  -to- Truly understanding what it means to give your life to Christ, to confess your sins and to ask for forgiveness. I pray daily to be the daughter God created me to be, for Him to guide my steps, my actions and my words.  Christ has and continues to help me through many different life challenges.  Once I realized that I am never alone, that Jesus is right their holding my hand, made those challenges all the more bearable.

Interesting or unusual facts about myself:  I am serious when I say VBS is the best 5 days of the whole summer!  I consider myself a VBS junkie.   I am a terrible singer but I love singing praises to God (so you may not want to sit next or in front of me at church!)

Favorite movie of all times:  The Walton’s Homecoming Christmas

Favorite type of food:  Lefse, as I have referred to it as the closest thing to heaven here on earth!  Just for the record I like mine plain and hot off the lefse grill!

Favorite thing to do on a Saturday: Sleep in and then hang out with my family.  We all enjoy watching movies together or spending time at my parents’ dairy farm.

Favorite Scripture:  WOW!  The thing with Scripture is that my favorite one changes as my life circumstances change:   Right now I am holding onto Isaiah 41:10.

In High School I was most likely to be:  Writing letters to Jim and working at The Blaine Theatre.

These days I am most likely to be:  Watching my son play high school sports and staying in touch (via text message, of course) with my college daughters!   Just trying to soak up as much time and memories with my family as I possibly can.  I truly am blessed and for that I am forever thankful.


Lori Roth, Technology Coordinator & Webmaster

About Lori

ON BMZ STAFF SINCE:  PAID:  August 1, 2010 (unpaid since 2002)
FAMILY:  Husband, Tim; daughters, Hannah and Emily
MY MINISTRY CALLING: I totally felt called to serve with technology somehow.  From the first moment I helped set up the first computer in the office (back in 2000 or before), I knew there was something I could do here.  It wasn’t until I was in the Vital Christianity and Real  Followers classes that it hit me…THIS was my God-given gift and yes, I could SERVE doing something I loved.  That set me on fire, and so over time, a web ministry evolved, many more computers, printers, servers and internet access was added.  And, I started to video-tape special events and post them on the web, and we are able to provide DVD’s of Christmas programs and VBS.  As we grow, our technology needs grow, and I’m excited to be able to use my technology gifts to Serve.
MY RELATIONSHIP WITH CHRIST:  I grew up in a quiet, conservative Methodist church.  I always sort of believed in Jesus, but never felt passionate.  Church for me was just going that 1 hour a week to “serve my time”.  I never truly understood the relationship that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit had in my life until I took the Vital Christianity class.  That class opened my eyes to the idea of developing a true relationship with Jesus.  I still feel very new in my relationship and know that I need to continue to learn more and get closer to Jesus.
INTERESTING OR UNUSUAL FACT ABOUT MYSELF:  I was born and raised in Williamsport, PA…the youngest of 6 kids.  I have 2 older sisters, older brothers who are fraternal twins and I have an identical twin sister.  My twin sister also has twin girls…so, lots of twins in my family.  As if being a shy, backward, identical twin wasn’t bad enough….we both played accordions! (but I was able to redeem my musical talents by playing trumpet in band).
FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME:   I love lots of movies, but my favorites have to be:  Princess Bride; Never Ending Story; Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? and The Sound of Music
FAVORITE TYPE OF FOOD:  I love pasta and chocolate (not together though!)
FAVORITE THING TO DO ON A SATURDAY:  Hang out at my house (especially in the summer….float in the pool).  When we can, love to go on day trips with the whole family.
FAVORITE SCRIPTURE: “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’” – Jeremiah 29:11
THESE DAYS I AM MOST LIKELY TO BE:   Tinkering with a computer somewhere (I think I’m connected to one at all times….even my phone is a computer!)


Cathy Mark, Systems Coordinator

About Cathy

ON BMZ STAFF SINCE:  Which time?  I have served in numerous volunteer positions since I started attending BMZ in January of 2000.  I started my first paid position in the Fall of 2009.  I am serving as BMZ’s System Coordinator in my current part time position.

BIRTHDAY:  June 24th

FAMILY:  Husband – Jeff
Son – Joshua
Daughter-in-law – Hannah
Granddaughter – Arya (born 5-5-13)

MY RELATIONSHIP WITH CHRIST:  I was confirmed in the Lutheran Church but didn’t ask Jesus to be my Lord and Savior until I was in my 20’s.  It took me until I was in my 40’s to find my church home at BMZ.  At BMZ Church I continue to be challenged to grow in my faith and my relationship with Jesus Christ.  It’s a lifelong journey.

INTERESTING OR UNUSUAL FACT ABOUT MYSELF:  I lived in Colorado for about 16 years and developed a love for the mountains.  I l enjoy traveling just about anywhere, but especially places where I can hike and/or snorkel.  Finally, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being a Grandma!

FAVORITE TYPE OF FOOD:  My favorite meal is a rare steak, salad, and baked potato.  I also love skirt steak tacos.

FAVORITE THING TO DO ON A SATURDAY: My husband is a nurse at Mercy Hospital in Janesville.  He works from Friday through Monday, so I am most often by myself on Saturdays.  We are blessed to have a trailer parked on a seasonal campsite at Crystal Lake Campground in Lodi, so I try to get there as often as I can during the six months the campground is open.  In the winter I often try to get caught up on things at home on weekends.

IN HIGH SCHOOL I WAS MOST LIKELY TO BE:  Working as a cashier at Dick’s Supermarket or hanging out with friends.

THESE DAYS I AM MOST LIKELY TO BE:  When I’m not involved with something at BMZ I’m often hanging out with my husband and/or granddaughter.

Sarah Roth, Youth Ministries Coordinator/WEB Youth Leader

(To contact her, send an email to the office at or call 608-375-4565)